At ULS we provide the maintenance of interior/exterior and signage lighting systems. Our consultants will advise on cutting-edge and energy efficient alternatives. On-going lighting maintenance will extend the life of your existing systems and ensure optimum lighting conditions while lowering operational/maintenance costs.


Scheduled Maintenance

Lighting maintenance services are provided based on an appropriate schedule for each client. Maintenance plans are set up to ensure the lighting systems are performing at their optimum efficiencies and adhering to code/by-law requirements while minimizing intrusion to daily operations and being mindful of the economics involved.

On-Call Maintenance

Lighting repairs and services are provided on time and as required, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Spot Relamping - Inspection, repair and replacement of lamps as necessary.

Fixture Repair - Inspect and replace worn out lamps, ballasts and sockets.

Group Relamping - When it comes time to completely changing a number of worn out lamps (i.e. End of lifecycle), our consultants are ready to evaluate based on needs and convenience.

Fixture Cleaning - Dirt and dust on fixture significantly impedes fixture performance, a thorough cleaning can sometimes be as effective as a relamping.

Poles Repair & Installation (Exterior only) - Replacement of damaged poles or installation of new poles, supplying service, trenching, structural engineering, etc. are all within our scope.

Upgrades & Retrofits & New Builds

Our consultants will evaluate the existing lighting system to review its efficiency; Depending on the result, recommendations will be made to upgrade specific components or the entire system. Information on potential incentives available and ROI information will also be provided.

Emergency Lighting

Installation, inspection and augmentation of emergency lighting systems. On site testing and evaluation provided to ensure systems are working on a continuous basis according to any pertinent by-laws or building codes.


Signage lighting maintenance can be performed along with our "on call" services - this area benefits greatly from ENS' project background. Typically signs are costly to maintain and use inefficient T12 fluorescent technology as a light source. By upgrading to LED consumption can be reduced by roughly 60% or more, with significant maintenance savings; which equates to greatly reduced, costly, bucket truck service calls.


ULS is committed to properly recycling any products containing hazardous materials (lamps and ballasts components). To ensure these materials are disposed of correctly, ULS uses licensed recyclers.

Documentation will be provided to confirm that all materials were recycled in the appropriate manner. This is essential for Government incentive cheques to be issued when upgrading lighting systems.


By relying on ENS' project background, ULS is extremely capable in regards to upgrading lighting systems, providing customers significant cost reductions and providing optimum light levels for any space. We are capable of complete lighting designs that maximise efficiencies while being mindful of legal lighting requirements.

ULS is committed to evolving and staying current with new lighting technologies. Our knowledgeable team will bring innovative ideas to improve your lighting and energy performance. Through our energy audits, clients will have a clear idea of benefits a system upgrade will achieve.